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Cane-line Lighthouse Lantern

lighthouse lantern
lighthouse and drums
lighthouse and amaze
lighthouse pool
lighthouse lanternlighthouse and drumslighthouse and amazelighthouse poollighthouse

Cane-line Lighthouse Lantern

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The Lighthouse Lantern from Cane-line is the perfect way to add some tranquility to your outdoor space.  Just add a candle!



The Lighthouse lantern is the perfect companion to any garden or terrace setting. Add the lantern with it functional and understated aluminium and glass design to your outdoor furniture setting and enjoy and extend the evenings with a warm and soft atmosphere.

The Lighthouse lantern enables you to enjoy a candle atmosphere while you watch the sunset or just lighting up a nice and cosy summer evening on the terrace.


Width 33 cm
Height 55 cm
Depth 33 cm

Additional information

Weight 5 kg