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Everyday Illuminated Chair by MyYour

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Everyday Illuminated Chair by MyYour

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The Everyday Chair by MyYour is a chair designed to evoke some fun to its guests.  A great talking piece and perfect for parties or events.



Design and technology are not the only factors that make the difference in Myyour products: also because, as far as the materials are concerned, this company, which is based in Padua, Italy, is able to fully express itself thanks to a new and special type of polyethylene called Poleasy®. Poleasy® was developed after long years of research. In fact our research was focused on finding a way to eliminate the microporous surfaces that are responsible for the formation of anti-aesthetic patinas or cracks over time. Poleasy®, an exclusively international patent, has entirely solved this problem by ensuring compactness to the surfaces of Myyour’s creations and a better performance in terms of durability, washability and colour brightness.

The master Bruno Munari claimed that in the world, “there are more chairs than asses.” Why then draw another chair? There are already many good chairs, some bad, some comfortable, others a little bit less. So, imagining an object that would run from any style telling a little story, snatching a smile, I thought, how curious is that without distinction of creed or descent, each of us every day sit down with satisfaction on a white ceramic chair… It’s in this chair we can forget the daily grind conceding us the pleasure of some frivolous reading or a reflection left in half. Everyday is a manifesto: an invitation to sit down taking our time, every day!

Cable length 3.6m

Wireless version also available.


Height: 80cm

Seat Height: 46cm


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Weight 8 kg