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Fatboy Edison the Grand Light

edison the grand
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edison the grand light
edison the grandedison collectionedison the grand light

Fatboy Edison the Grand Light

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The Fatboy Edison the Grand Light is part of the Edison family which consists of a small, medium and large light.  The light can be used indoors or outdoors so you can illuminate your home or garden.




Fatboy created a cute, huge contemporary lamp for indoor and outdoor use even before you could ask for it. This Fatboy Edison the Grand lamp is immediately recognisable.  The perfect way to illuminate your house, garden or office in style. The Fatboy Edison the Grand lamp is made from see-through synthetic material providing a soft, diffused light that provides any room with atmospheric lighting. The Edison the Grand lamp not only provides mood lighting, the stylish design of this oversized lamp is also worth looking at even when the lamp is switched off.
Fatboy Edison the Grand lamp specifications
•To be used as an indoor or outdoor lamp
•Fatboy Edison the Grand lamp dimensions: 90 cm x 60 Ø cm
•3 dimmer settings LED-lighting
•One-year guarantee


60 cm Ø x 90 cm (h)

13,0 kg

Polyethylene, recyclable, splash resistant,

Dirt- and moisture repellent, easy cleaning with lukewarm water and neutral soap

Additional information

Weight 13 kg

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