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Gandia Blasco Aram Table

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Gandia Blasco Aram Table

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The Aram tables by Gandia Blasco are hand made  from stainless steel wire they are versatile and lightweight and come in a variety of colours and various sizes.  They can be used indoors or outdoors.




Aram was conceived by this innate curiosity about everyday life. It is a collection of elegant and light stools and side tables, created using a traditional Indian technique consisting of weaving wire around a metal frame.

The Aram Low Table is part of the collection. This designer hand made table is made from stainless steel wire by wise Indian artisans.

More than just an outdoor table, this is a product with soul that completely naturally and unpretentiously combines tradition, craftsmanship and contemporary design.

The Aram Low Table is an original design by Nendo for GANDIABLASCO.

The Aram High Table is more than just an outdoor table; it combines artisanship and contemporary design with elegance and discretion. This designer table is handmade with stainless steel wire, it is versatile and lightweight, and comes in different colours – combine it as you chose.

The Aram High Table is an exclusive design by Nendo for GANDIABLASCO.


Low table – Height: 33cm Diameter: 71cm

High table – Height: 41cm Diameter: 61cm

Low stool – Height: 25cm Diameter: 41cm

High stool – Height: 43cm Diameter: 36cm


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Weight 5 kg

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