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Gandia Blasco Sonora Planters

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Gandia Blasco Sonora Planters

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The Sonora Planters are a collection of planters in lacquered aluminium in different sizes and different colours. Contemporary planters with clean lines and soft edges.  Could be used indoors or outdoors.




Sonora is a collection of planters in lacquered aluminium available in various colours and sizes. A line of several Sonora planters can be used to create different areas and moods

Contemporary plant pots with clean lines and soft edges, inspired by the undulating shapes of the sand dunes that make up the natural Sonora landscape.

The simplicity and quality of their design make them more than just an outdoor plant pot. This timeless outdoor accessory works by itself or together with your favourite furniture, both in indoor and outdoor spaces.


Sonora 1 – Height: 40cm Length: 40cm Width: 40cm

Sonora 2 – Height: 30cm Length: 60cm Width: 60cm

Sonora 3 – Height: 40cm Length: 78cm Width: 78cm

Sonora 4 – Height: 40cm Length: 100cm Width: 40cm

Sonora 5 – Height: 100cm Length: 40cm Width: 40cm



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Weight 12 kg

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