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Gandia Blasco – Tituna Armchair

tituna arm
tituna armchair scenic
tituna armchair
armchairtituna armtituna armchair scenictituna armchair

Gandia Blasco – Tituna Armchair

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The Tituna Armchair is part of a new collection by Gandia Blasco.  Lightweight and minimalist the chair combines tradition and modernity in equal proportion.



The Tituna chair combines tradition and modernity in equal proportion. Its straight and slender lines make up an image of contemporary minimalism, whilst the string weave on the seat and backrest recall the aesthetics of Spanish traditional furniture which inspired it. This design led to a new collection of pieces that share the same characteristics, maintaining simplicity in their structural form without disregarding the century old and artisanal feeling of hand-woven seats. Tituna is a simple and contemporary collection with a traditional air that brings with it a certain degree of domesticity, helping to make any space welcoming and cozy.”

The Armchair is made of thermo-lacquered galvanized steel round tubes, phenolic plate and high tenacity polyester rope.


Height: 72cm

Width: 65cm

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Weight 8 kg

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