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Gravity Swing Sofa by Roberti

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Gravity Swing Sofa by Roberti

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The stunning Gravity Swing Seat by Roberti comes with a choice of two options either hanging it by a hook or with supporting frame.  The price includes the seat cushion which has a variety of colour options.  The individual back cushions are sold separately as a set of six.  From £6,550.


6 x Back Cushions 55 x 55cm

Seat Cushion


Gravity is a cosy, swing, outdoor sofa with colourful cushions, playful combinations of colours and designs, perfect as patio furniture and garden furniture. It can be also a luxury outdoor armchair to relax.

It is available with its own support or with hanging ropes.

Outdoor Swing-sofa, stainless steel powder coated with nautic ropes and with hanging hook. The distinctive trait of this Swing-sofa is given by the lack of supporting frame, while the hanging hook makes it a really stunning exclusive element . This Swing-sofa, relaxing and comfortable, is a design furniture both for home and contract projects.

Price includes seat cushion, back cushions sold separately as a set of 6.  Back cushions do not have to be the same colour, please call if you want to mix and match the colours.

Available with hanging hook or supporting frame.


Height: 238cm

Diameter: 133cm


Additional information

Weight 300 kg

supporting frame, hanging hook

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