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Kentia Outdoor Screen by Serralunga

kentia panel
kentia panels
kentia scene
kentia scenic
kentia panelkentia panelskentia scenekentia scenic

Kentia Outdoor Screen by Serralunga

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New for 2017 The Kentia Outdoor Screen is a practical piece of furniture that can be used to define your outdoor area and separate your spaces.  It can also be used like a trellis for an extra feature. Price includes hinges and feet.



Kentia is inspired by the leaf of Howea forsteriana, a tropical plant that is often used for indoor decoration.
The panel Kentia thanks to its essential line has a great versatility, used individually or in series can help to separate the spaces;

it can be hung on the wall like a painting or used as a trellis for climbing plants both outdoors and indoors.

Technical data

H 150 / L 90 / P 5 CM

Additional information

Weight 12 kg