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La Siesta Double Hammock Carolina

carolina flowers
carolina citrus
carolina scenic
carolina spring
carolina flowerscarolina citruscarolina sceniccarolina spring

La Siesta Double Hammock Carolina

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The Carolina Double hammock is made in Columbia and has a jacquard design which creates a very interesting surface structure with beautiful colour effects made of pure high-quality cotton.  Available in three bright colours.




Double hammock Carolina flowers is from Colombia, where hammocks have always been an essential part of everyday life. Traditional Colombian hammock art such as hand-plaited warp threads between the end of the fabric and the suspension satisfies even highest demands on aesthetics and comfort. The jacquard design creates a very interesting surface structure with gorgeous colour effects. The open-loop-suspension is also a typical characteristic of hammocks manufactured in Colombia. Carolina flowers is made of pure, high-quality cotton. This hammock features a tearproof selvage created by doubling the weft threads, thus making sure that you will be able to enjoy your peaceful LA SIESTA oasis for many years to come. The fabric of our Carolina line is densely woven and the many suspension cords ensure an even distribution of weight.

Available in three colours.

Flowers – Pink

Citrus – Yellow

Spring – Green


Length: 350cm

Carrying Capacity: 160kg


Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg

flowers, spring, citrus

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