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La Siesta Double Hammock Colada

colada hammock
colada colours
colada hammockcoladacolada colours

La Siesta Double Hammock Colada

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The La Siesta Double Hammock Colada with spreader bars can be left outside all summer.  It is made from HamacTex® (polypropylene) which is water-resistant with good drying properties and comes in four bright colours.





LA SIESTA specialises in the development, marketing and distribution of high-end hammocks and hammock chairs from South America. LA SIESTA also offers a unique line of hammocks and suspended chairs for children, babies and travellers.

LA SIESTA double hammock with spreader bars COLADA curaçao likes to be outside all summer! COLADA is manufactured of HamacTex® (polypropylene) that makes for a weather-resistant fibre with exceptional drying properties. HamacTex® feels and looks a lot like cotton, which makes it the perfect alternative for the outdoors.

The spreader bars of this hammock are produced from top-grade wood from well-managed forests (FSC®). Fortified selvages are produced by doubling the weft thread. COLADA is like a summer drink in happy, fresh colours!


Bed Length: 210cm

Bed Width: 140cm

Carrying Capacity: 160kg


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Weight 2 kg

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