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La Siesta Hammock Paloma – Double

paloma double hammock
paloma hammock
paloma double hammockpaloma hammockpaloma

La Siesta Hammock Paloma – Double

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The La Siesta Hammock Paloma is a double hammock in Olive Green made from pure highest quality cotton and with an open loop suspension.



La Siesta Hammock Paloma Double Hammock is manufactured from pure, highest-quality cotton. PALOMA is a wonderfully elegant and yet discreet hammock! It hails from Colombia, where hammocks are an integral part of the country’s heritage. All hammocks from Colombia feature a typical open-loop-suspension.

To make you enjoy your hammock for many years, this hammock is fitted with a tearproof selvage, which is created by doubling the weft threads. A very large amount of suspension cords provides added comfort and an ideal distribution of the body weight.

Width: 160cm

Length: 350cm

Carrying Capacity: 160cm


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Weight 2 kg

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