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Party Polonaise Festive Lights by Fatboy

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party polanaise
party polparty polanaise

Party Polonaise Festive Lights by Fatboy

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New from Fatboy Party Polonaise puts a twist on traditional party lights with fun colourful shades which can be used indoors or outdoors.



Who wouldn’t shed the odd tear at a romantic wedding, complete with a wooden dance floor, light decorations and a couple who will live happily ever after? These film scenes inspired Fatboy to give its iconic party lighting a little twist by creating a series of shades with festive prints. Party Polonaise can liven up any party. It is around 14.5 metres long, so you can make both the indoors and outdoors more cheerful! Built-in LED Lamps.

Dimensions 14,5 meters long
Weight No
Material PVC coard with PP cappies
Care No

16 x 1 watt e27 light bulb
220 – 240v


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Weight 1 kg