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Pine Beach Armchair by Serralunga

pine beach chair
serralunga col
pine beach whit
pine beach chair scenic
pine beach armchair
pine beach chairserralunga colpine beach whitpine beach chair scenicpine beach armchair

Pine Beach Armchair by Serralunga

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The Pine Beach Armchair by Serralunga has a drainage system so water does not collect on the seat.  It also comes in a variety of colours and there is also an illuminated option.



Colour (unlit)


The Pine Beach line is inspired on the seashore, with its soft, rounded shapes. A rounded, embracing armchair that follows the human body’s er-gonomic shape, with a soft and futuristic line. Complete with sofa and armchair, suitable for indoor or outdoor areas. Thanks to their draining system, with a small drain hole for water, it is possible to sit on these pieces even after heavy rain.

Both the sofa and the armchair are also available with inner lighting.

The lit version comes with black cable, length 3m suitable for outdoor use.

Material: polyethylene

Technology: rotational moulding

Technical data
Dimensions: 66 x 70 x 76 cm

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

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