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Porcino Stool Light by Serralunga


Porcino Stool Light by Serralunga

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The Porcino Stool by Serralunga is a wireless and colour-changing light which can be used indoors or outdoors.  Rechargeable lighting kit included.



The multi-purpose Porcino Stool Light can be used as a seat, coffee table or just as a light feature.  Porcino is a versatile object belonging to the family of contemporary furniture.

Made from Polyethylene and 100% recyclable.

The stool is wireless RGB LED and includes a Rechargeable lighting kit.  Once charged the stool will stay lit for between 5-20 hours depending on intensity and colour of the light set.

Technical data

Ø 35 x H 50

Additional information

Weight 4 kg