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Portofino Dining Chair by Roberti

portofino chair
portofino chair with arms
portofino chair no arms
portofino chair scenic
portofino dining table scenic
portofino dining table and chairs
portofino chairportofino chair with armsportofino chair no armsportofino chair scenicportofino dining table scenicportofino dining table and chairs

Portofino Dining Chair by Roberti

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Roberti produce, elegant, organic designer furniture for in and outdoor use. Shape, form & function is the essence. Several models are design patented. From the new Portofino collections comes the Portofino Dining Chair. Made from Nautic Rope which is 100% polyester and offers high resistance and often used in outdoor marine environments but with a superior finish. The Chair is available with or without arms.



The Roberti outdoor furniture collection offers a wide and versatile range of models. The various style, modern, design and contemporary, and the high quality level are conceived to satisfy the most demanding customers.

New for 2015 from Roberti is the Portofino collection which includes a sofa, chairs and tables.

The Dining Chair has an aluminium frame epoxy powder coated woven with nautic rope.  Nautic Rope is 100% polyester and offers high resistance and is often used in outdoor marine environments.

The chair comes with or without arms.


Width: 55cm

Height: 85cm

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Chair Style

without arms, with arms

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