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Ray Outdoor Lamp by Blomus

blomus ray of light
blomus ray
blomus ray of lightblomus ray

Ray Outdoor Lamp by Blomus

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New for 2017 the Ray Outdoor LED Lamp from Blomus is rechargeable with a USB cable and has a two level light switch.  Charge lasts up to 16 hours (level 1) and 8 hours (level 2).   Sold in a pair, 1 small and 1 large.  Back in stock Mid May.



Blomus products are simply different. Artistic instead of artificial. Modern instead of trendy. Extra-ordinary instead of interchangeable. Their superior class is assured by a passionate adherence to quality management. And last but not least, blomus articles are attractive because they are excellent value for money.

The Ray Outdoor Lamp is an LED lamp rechargeable with USB cable, two level light switch.  Charge lasts up to 16 hours level 1, 8 hours level 2.

Sold as a pair Small and Large


Small – H15 D9

Large – H25 D14


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Weight 8 kg