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Serralunga Paloma Garden Dove

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serralunga colours
paloma whitepaloma birdpaloma unlitpalomaserralunga colours

Serralunga Paloma Garden Dove

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If you are looking for something a bit more sculptural for the garden then the Serralunga Paloma could just fit the bill.  Dot them around the garden, use them as a seat or for a more dramatic effect light them up.  The non lit version is available in a variety of colours.  The lit version can be plugged in for indoor or outdoor use and there is also a wireless version with a removable light system which can be recharged.


Unlit Colours


Serralunga was founded in Biella in 1825. Serralunga is the name of the family that has been the creative and entrepreneurial heart of the company for six generations. The company was started as a tannery and then moved into leather processing for industrial purposes. The real revolution arrived with the processing of plastic and then with the rotational moulding technique imported from the U.S.A.

The spirit of research and the passion for technology, together with the productive tradition, are the fundamentals of the brand Serralunga that, through original and valuable collections, celebrates the Design Made in Italy : reference point and trend setter in the field.

The result is a combination of shapes and unique interpretations capable of transforming a purely functional object into a stunning piece of furniture making the Urban Outdoors also beautiful and comfortable as the Indoor Design.

Poetic furnishing, fragments of reality, metaphysical objects, dreamlike seats, floating or grounded… when a surrealistic element pops into your daily life.

The Serralunga Paloma can be dotted around the garden to add an ethereal quality to your outdoor space.

Structure – Made of Linear low density polyethylene, through-coloured made by rotational moulding process. UV rays protection, 100% recyclable. High mechanical resistance, made in great collision-proof plastic.

Indoor version comes with indoor lighting kit.

Outdoor version comes with outdoor lighting kit.

The wireless lighting system is available for the colour changing RGB LED version and can be set on the white light only if required, operating range up to 20 hours, recharging time 6 hours.


Width: 130

Height: 52
Various colours available in the unlit version, lit version transparent only.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

unlit, transparent lit indoor, transparent lit outdoor, wireless RGB LED outdoor