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Set of 2 Chips Chairs by MyYour

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chips chairchips outdoorschips chairschips scenicmyyour colours

Set of 2 Chips Chairs by MyYour

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The Chips Chair is a practical, lightweight and stackable outdoor chair.  This funky chair comes in a variety of colours to add some fun to your space.  Sold as a set of 2.  Price is for a set of 2.   If you want to mix and match the colours please ask.




Lightweight and convenience represent the winning characteristics of this successful selection of chairs, stools, benches and tables for indoor and outdoor solutions. They are surprisingly comfortable and welcoming. They represent a new way to decorate and are characterized by their ability to reduce the structural components until an essence of emptiness of matter is reached. Ethereal, always glossy and attractive, the Chips creations are also easily and conveniently stacked. This quality is quite functional for managers of public places. They are made in polyethylene and offer a choice of four different glossy and printed colors. The elements of the Chips series have a structure that is made with a single coated tube, which has undergone an anti-rust process such as the electroplating process by dipping. In addition to the sledlike base chairs and to the stools, there is also a table with a white Corian Dupont top or in white HPL or simply white with a black border and a modular bench. The latter consists of three modules: a bench, a sled and a curve of union. They are easily arranged in line with various elements, but also star-shaped as to give life to pleasant islands where one can socialize.


Height: 79cm

Seat Height: 50cm

Width: 56cm

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Weight 20 kg