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Sywawa Parasol Cache Cache

cache cache
cache inner
cache tilt
cache cache colours
cache cachecache innercache tiltcache cache colours

Sywawa Parasol Cache Cache

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The Cache Cache parasol by Sywawa is a very a pretty parasol with a lace fabric interior and a choice of exterior colour.  It can also be tilted so you can angle it exactly where you want it.  It comes in two inner colours and a variety of outer colours.


Outer Colour

Inner Colour


Never judge a book by its cover. The hidden fruit may well be inside. Juicy and ready to be picked. Cachy design by Sywawa creative studio.

The Cache Cache parasol comes in two sizes and in a variety of colours for the outside of the umbrella and two colours for inside of the umbrella.

The frame can also be tilted.




Pole Diameter 30mm


Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg

D190cm, D245cm

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