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Treesmust Illuminated Christmas Tree by MyYour

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treesmust white
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Treesmust Illuminated Christmas Tree by MyYour

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The Treesmust illuminated Christmas Tree by MYYOUR can add some fun to your home this Christmas.  The trees can be used indoors or outdoors and can be white light or colour changing light.  Available with a two metre cable or there is also a rechargeable version.  The Trees are flat on one side so can either standalone or put against a wall alternatively you can put two together to make a round tree. Bulbs not included.




Treesmust is an illuminated Christmas Tree by MyYour and can stand alone or can be put flat against a wall, screen or post or put two together for a whole tree.

Options include whether the tree is for indoor or outdoor use and colour options of transparent or colour changing and fitted with cable and plug or rechargeable.

The rechargeable version has approximately 8-10 hours of lighting per charge and can be colour changing or set to one colour.

The outdoor version has a 2m long cable.


Height: 150cm

Width: 75cm

Depth: 37cm

Bulbs not included and must be purchased separately.  Remote control included with the RGB LED version.



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Weight 10 kg