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Tulip Outdoor Light by MyYour

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Tulip Outdoor Light by MyYour

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The Tulip outdoor Light by MyYour stands at 1.5m Tall and would be a feature in any outdoor space.  Available in 5 different colours with optional fixing plate if you want to fix it the floor, sold separately.




Tulip is a decorative item for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is impactful and scenic since it resembles a tulip. Myyour makes it in two different versions: Tulip S and Tulip XL. The first is an ideal courtesy lamp for tables and night stands. It diffuses a soft and pleasant light from within. It is a perfect background light for when you are watching TV and it comforts children at night. The second is substantially bigger. It can be used in two different ways: without lights, it stands like an original and colorful decorative element, whereas with lights, its illumination becomes the evocative symbol of pleasant and welcoming serenity. The Tulip S model, only available in the embossed print version, has a LED driver inside. This LED is characterized by its low-power consumption level and by its excellent performance in terms of time. It lets a thoughtful light flow through areas and it ensures a carefully optimized light source. Tulip XL offers more choices: the version without lights is available in an embossed print version, but also in a glossy paint version, while the version with the low-power consumption neon light source is available only in the embossed print version. When used indoors, Tulip XL has a wire with a switch at the base of its foot, whereas when used outdoors, it has a neoprene cable with IP protection against atmospheric conditions: both models have an invisible plate that can be mounted to the ground to protect them from the wind or from being stolen.

Length of power cable: 2m

TULIP XL SIZE – H151cm x W37cm

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Weight 15 kg